Tour Itinerary

Mumbai - Varanasi - Delhi - Rishikesh - Chandigarh - Amritsar - Aurangabad

14 nights,   Sep 2019

September 2019 GROUP India 2

I wanted to write you before I forgot what I wanted to say.
First of all, we all wanted to thank you for making this second trip to india possible.
We all felt that this time we REALLY saw the real India. And we all think that this should be a regular tour. NOT just India 2, but rather something like the "peoples and cultures of India" as opposed to Jewish heritage.
Lee was his usual excellent self and Nitesh surpassed himself. He was unbelievable. He took such good care of us

The hotels were all good  

The guide in aurungabad was excellent.

Food was very fine but we do have one "complaint". There was WAY too much  -  the side dishes , there was enough for twice as many people. 
Wishing you all the best for the New Year
heidi sugarman

Hi Moshe,

The reason I wanted to speak to you was to say thank you for an incredible and extremely enjoyable trip.

The reason we wanted to do this trip was because we we enjoyed the first trip so much, however, this one exceeded all our expectations!  On this trip we saw authentic India, not the main tourist destinations like those we visited on the first one. We hardly saw any Western tourists, except for Israeli backpackers, and the tourists we did see were Indians.

We were looked after like V.I.P's by Lee and Nitesh and the staff in all the hotels were helpful and friendly.

As the saying goes "people just don't know what they're missing"!

According to Lee, there are many more fantastic places to see, both in the North and the South, so my question is - would you be able to organize a third trip for us sometime in the future? 

In the meantime Issy joins me in wishing you a Shana Tova and a Ketivah Ve Chatima Tova!

With best regards,
Susan Zuckerbrod