Kosher exprience in India

India Kosher Travel was established with a real love for the treasures and the special atmosphere of India.
The company staff has had close connections with the local market for over 20 year, organizing groups, events and supplying kosher food and various other services.

The company was established because of the growing demand, and today it offers, practical solutions to kosher observant travelers in India.

Today, after many years of travel throughout the vast continent, we still enjoy visiting the sites and experiencing the magnificence and uniqueness that India offers those who visit the great continent.
These are the exact feelings which we wish for our clients . We know that a successful trip is remembered for many years. We therefore make sure to provide service at the highest standard and to attend to every detail throughout the trip. We realize that the travelers are far from home and understand that every single member of the group must be completely satisfied. The staff is at their service before and throughout the trip, and will do everything to make sure that every traveler feels very close, even though he is very far.

An organized trip to India is an enriching and profound experience, with the senses and flavors which can be found in no other place in the world. We will
be happy to host you with all our heart, and to accompany you in the various regions and trails of India, and we will do everything to make you want to come and travel in India again and again.
We look forward to work with you and bringing you the best that India has to offer!

      Yours truly
   Moshe Goldstien