Tour Itinerary

Udaipur – Jodhpur – Pushkar –  Jaipur – Agra – Delhi – Mumbai

10 nights, 2 people Oct 2015

Ordman Family

Hi Moshe

I apologize for not emailing earlier, but I can say that the experience of India has not dimmed. From the moment I landed in Mumbai, your excellent planning kicked into place, to be met at the airport by a rep of the local office, driver & car and whisked to the hotel after a long flight is so much appreciated. The same thing the following day, except this driver, Vitkram,was with me for the next eleven days, and what a superb driver, totally professional. I got into a freshly washed car every morning, he was a great source of information without grandstanding the tourguides. These guides were excellent,  specializing in each town in which we met up with them, they answered all my questions and more, lam very inquisitive. The hotels were wonderful, a couple of them of a luxurious standard that you don’t see in this country, l don’t know how you did it for the price!
A great trip l got everything l wanted out of it,
a big thank you.

Antony Ordman.