Tour Itinerary

  Delhi – Agra – Jaipur – Pushkar – Jodhpur – Udaipur –  Cochun – Mumbai

14 nights, 30 people  November 2019

November 2019, group

Dear Moshe

 Chag Chanukah Sameach!!

 We are sorry that we did not get to send you our thank you and feedback yet, but had tons of catch up to do at work!
 We are still floating high on our incredible India experience! For Arthur and me the trip was a dream fulfilled.
We want to thank you for a really excellent well organized trip.
 We can appreciate the difficulty of organizing the logistics of doing a Kosher trip, and having the facilities and food ready in each place in such a timely fashion.
Your years of experience were really evident, as I think you have amazing staff and run a very smooth and well planned operation.

Your meals were fresh, varied and plentiful always.
For us personally, our only comment on this was, being in India, we really would have loved a lot more Indian meals. We totally loved the ones that you did serve, but there were only a few.

The itinery was also excellent. You do incorporate a lot in each day, so each day added a great new excitement, and you have some lovey added touches like the dancers, Bollywood movie etc.
 Rona and Pre and the whole team really did an excellent job of the organization each and every day!
And as for Lee, WOW!!
He, without any doubt, is the highlight!!!
His personality, humor, unbelievable knowledge, understanding of Jews, and constant energy just put the trip over the top!!!

For Arthur and I, we also wish we had know before to have discussed with you the option of going onto Varenasi after Mumbai. When we saw that you had arranged this for 2 of the couples, we wished we had know to have asked you this.  
It would have made so much sense for us to have added those extra 2 days too. I know you will say there is India 2, but we would have done it now had we known.

So, from 2 very happy and grateful people, we want to thank you Moshe for an experience of a lifetime!
We will always be so grateful for our “Kosher India” experience! A true travel highlight!!!
You can be sure that we will continue to share our excitement and photos and stories, and we will always keep recommending your trip as being a perfect way to discover the marvels of India!
 Thank you Moshe! Keep up your excellent work
And we are sorry that we did not get to meet you.
So on Chanukah, and throughout each year, keep lighting up our experiences and doing such a great job!
Kol Tov.
Sheila and Arthur Talkins

Dear Moshe

We had a wonderful first time in India trip and experience!! A whole different work!! Loved traveling with Rona and Aaron again having been with them 5 years ago to China.
  Perhaps adding a day or two to the trip would allow ending the long days a little earlier allowing for rest time before dinner but still keeping the sights on the itinerary the same. Also, perhaps offering an extension on this itinerary to see Varanasi would be good.
 Also, thank you for the seamless transfers for us to meet up with and join the group in India.

Joyce and George Weinberger


Shalom Moshe,
Thank you for a well organised trip, wonderful hotels, excellent tour leaders (Rona and Aaron) and one superb guide ( Lee), one very good guide (Gopal ?- in Mumbai).
The food in  general was very tasty and plentiful- if a bit heavy on the starchy side. Salads were very good and tasted very fresh. The itinerary was well planned in general. The busses were very comfortable. 
The backpacks for lunches were very convenient. 
Some our  highlights which are a must:
Katchakali theatre
Taj Mahal
Step well
Amer Fort at night 
Elephant ride ( to Amer fort)
Backwaters- Kochi
Fort in Jaipur
Rickshaw ride in Delhi
Chabad house in Mumbai

What could be dropped ( in my opinion)
Camel ride (many had done this sort of ride in other locations)
We did 2 rickshaw rides. One would have been enough.
Best wishes,
Louis Goldberg and Rebecca Goldsmith
Dear Moshe.
I want to thank you for the many remarkable experiences on the November trip. It was clear that much thought had gone into the construction of the itinerary as well as providing a range of experiences for travellers.

 LEE- he is GOLD  and a real mensch. Not only are his people skills excellent,he is very knowledgeable and he sought to address most questions/concerns/demands in a most professional way. EVERY effort should be made to retain his services and /or train another likeminded individual. The driver and assistant throughout Rajasthan were also excellent and performed their services most commendably. Driving through the Aravalli Mts was difficult but so well done.

RONA and ARON -worked very hard to make every day happen and must be commended for always ensuring the food was  served up esp at night-after long days this was especially appreciated.. Your own logistics re supply of food was noted and appreciated.

The HOTELS were excellent-just a pity that we were unable to stay in each longer!
LOCATIONS- Visiting the Taj Mahal was exceptional and the late afternoon was optimum re light and fewer people. I was pleased that we were able to see the Amber Fort at night with fewer people so that we were not frustrated the next day after the elephant ride to leave so soon.I appreciated visiting the Chand Baoli Stepwell as well as the Forts in each centre-definitely  standouts of the tour Although the distances  between cities were long, I thoroughly enjoyed the countryside. The outdoor laundry in Mumbai was most interesting. Visiting the south was excellent esp on the backwaters. I liked the guide in the south. He is also knowledgeable- just needs more experience. The shule visits wherever possible were very worthwhile.
The logistics surrounding Luggage  were well handled. There was,however, stress re domestic flights and the weight restrictions but this is out of your hands. Lee was most helpful in these situations.

NEGATIVES: Please note these are personal observations and should not be seen as criticisms:

I wouldve liked more time in Delhi eg. to be in the park with the Memorial to Indian soldiers in the wars. I am however aware Delhi was not a focus-Agra was.
Perhaps a day on the program could be allocated to Social Action where those who so wish, could assist in a soup kitchen,visit a schooletc--the tour however marvellous, was indulgent.
I wouldve liked to enjoyed more Indian cuisine/flavours  esp in the vegetable dishes at dinner.
 Many thanks for all.
Marion Seftel

Hi Moshe,
Apologies for the late response.  
We would like to note that even though it is almost 2 months since we came home, we are still thinking and talking about the trip almost daily. 
Your meticulous organization of both the private and group parts of out tour went way beyond any expectation. 
The itinerary was well chosen, we were given a taste of the rich Jewish past of India as well as India today. The guides and drivers were of the highest quality and added to our very positive experience. 
While we could say that the trip was one big highlight, we particularly enjoyed our time in Kerala  - Cochin , seeing the shuls and especially meeting Babu.  
All the hotels were comfortable, clean and of a high standard. We met nice people that are all still in touch and exchanging pictures. Special mention of our tour leaders Rona and Aaron who with vast experience kept the logistics in order in a pleasant manner.
We highly recommend this trip and can vouch that all promised is the minimum you get as you went far beyond that. 

Meryl and Steve Jacobs