Tour Itinerary

 Udaipur – Jodhpur – Pushkar –  Jaipur – Agra – Delhi – Cochun – Mumbai

14 nights, 29 people  November 2018

November 2018 group

We thought the tour was excellent and enjoyed it very much,  
Thank you for a great experience

The tours were excellent and the guide extremely good. Highlights included the Taj Mahal and the Amber Palace in Jaipur. The observatory with the sundial was also great.
 All in all a wonderful experience with many new friends made

Enjoyed especially the opportunities to visit historical places (e.g. Red Fort) and to visit people such as those in Kerala, and to see how they live and what they do. 
 again, overall a great trip. We were well-taken care of and organized and fed, etc. Guides were great.

Hi Moshe
We both enjoyed this wonderful exciting , experience and adventureous trip to India! We must say the Michelsons worked very hard to make sure the trip went smoothly nothing was too much trouble for them. The iteinery was excellent. Meals were ok! Hotels were generally very good except the Crown Plaza in Cuchin. The cleanliness in the bathroom wasn't very clean.
The only negative comment (Jackie can make) is going to  2 Carpet/Rug places and the Mall in Cochin!
Thank you very much..חנוכה שמח

Thank you again for a wonderful trip - we enjoyed the people on the group, had a lot of fun, shared laughs and stories and carried forth a wonderful impression of India and its people.

Firstly - thank you Moshe for a great trip.     You answered all my emails and you were very helpful prior to the tour.  I enjoyed it all very much.  
Everything we saw and did was very well organized and we were impressed by everything we saw, and we learnt a lot from the local guides. 
Our tour guide in India  was excellent
 THE HOTELS was Very good