Tour Itinerary 

 Mumbai - Jodhpur - Pushkar - Jaipur - Delhi - Agra
15 days - 2 people Jan' - 2019

UK - Levi family

Dear Moshe 

It has taken us a few days to acclimatise  to being at home so apologies for the delay in response .

We would have written to you anyway to commend you and all your reps in India for the excellent service and support we received throughout our stay there, 

We were very impressed with the fact that the guides were very punctual ,knew much about their subjects ( and we did stretch them all!!!) and were very flexible when we wanted to change the programme. Partly because of my experience ( which did put us off going to crowded markets) but also ,as we became wiser about India ,we appreciated the fact that we could input our own ideas into the programmes which ,for us,was a big advantage and one of our reasons for  having a bespoke tour rather than a larger group tour. 
A special word about our driver,Kapoor . We cannot speak highly enough of this fine driver. He was polite,helpful and amusing company. He knew exactly when to converse and when to keep quiet ,if we wanted to sleep during long drives. He acted as a "bodyguard" accompanying us through the bazaar in Old Delhi and he never complained or looked grumpy when our timekeeping  was not so good ,sometimes for reasons beyond our control ,like chefs in hotels taking a long time to cook omelettes !!! The car was kept very clean with water supplied and on our last day ,it even had clean covers over the seats !
Most importantly, we felt completely safe with Kapoor and confident about his driving. He certainly had a difficult job having to negotiate some mad traffic and animals in the road    and more than once ,cars travelling in the wrong direction along the road that we were driving on. 
Whilst we did send our thanks to Carmel Travel in India for Kapoor's services ,I hope you will ensure that he knows how much we appreciated him and we would highly recommend him to all your customers.

 We loved the Bollywood Movie and the cultural show was fun 
We were very happy with the Delhi tour after we altered it to reflect our interests 
We were so impressed with the arrangements made for all the food.  The kosher food was  superior  and beautifully presented and packed   The quantities were very generous and we think they should be commended for 5* value
We also were so impressed with the way that breakfasts worked out and how helpful and understanding the hotels were   The reps were extremely good in this regard paving the way for me to work in the kitchens with the chefs 

We absolutely loved staying at the Taj in Mumbai and were fortunate to be upgraded to the Palace wing. A real MUST for every tourist. Our regret was that we couldn't spend longer there !!
In summary,it was a memorable trip. It had its challenges which is what we anticipated but that is all part of the travel experience.  As frum Jews we feel very privileged to be able to see the world and keep kosher and thank you and all your staff for making that possible 

Now we have to think of where our next trip should be !!!!

Kind regards 

Ruth and Wayne