Tour Itinerary

  Delhi – Agra – Jaipur – Pushkar – Jodhpur – Udaipur –  Cochun – Mumbai

14 nights, 32 people  January 2020

January 2020, group

 Hi Moshe
Thank you for a wonderful trip. I can’t believe how much we saw and did! Everything was so well organized and the guides were all great.
We took a suitcase of food with us because of our poor experiences on other kosher tours.
The food you provided was plentiful and delicious and the suitcase of food came back with us, along with the weight I gained from enjoying the food so much 
If anyone would like a personal reference before they signup for the trip, I would be happy to provide one  My husband and I travel extensively, and we can honestly say that this was one of the best trips we have ever taken.
Thank you again.
Warm regards
Esther Rothenstein
Hi Moshe.
Thank you for such a memorable trip.  It is amazing the coordination that takes place from the food to the hotels,etc. I cannot praise Lee enough. He was an inspiration and so informative. What a prize. Rhonda was also quite great. She was very helpful and informative. Also great stories. The hotels were beautiful. And our bus drivers were great.
The food was abundant and flavorful. Everyone was kind and helpful.  Also not to forget our guide in Cochin. Was so wonderful. A very sensitive soul. I forgot his name.  The choice of places. Was perfect. Also the factories. Were excellent.  It was a pleasure for me a Lubavitcher. To have CHOLIV
YISROREL food. With no worries
 For a wonderful trip
Sarah Forer
Thank you for organizing the trip. I found it very interesting. Perhaps you could organize that one evening meal be a totally Indian meal and that would give the flavor of India. People enjoy the gastronomic experience too.  Many people bought Indian clothes etc and it could be a mini fancy dress dinner  Travelers love that sort of experience.  The hotels were great and Lee and Nitash(?) were very good in their roles.
Rona and Aaron were very easy to travel with and they made sure that we had a great time.  The breakfasts and thus lunches were good and plentiful. 
I will certainly recommend you to friends.
I wish you success in your enterprises.
Judy Goldstein

Hi Moshe
The trip was fantastic.  I have no complaints other than lack of sleep as we were so busy – but that’s ok for 2 weeks!

 We had an enormous amount of interesting activities to engage in daily.  There were times we could opt out of activities to rest/do our own things as per the schedule/activities and where we were.

 All the sites were worthwhile to see; all the activities were fun.

The food was great – it was plentiful and delicious.  The system of eating breakfast and packing our lunch for the day worked well.  There were plenty of food choices.  It was great we were given containers to put food in, if we didn’t have our own.  It was great we were given plastic bags daily to pack our lunches in.

Lee was a fantastic tour guide, but, he kept using the word ‘Elo- heem’ when speaking about his g-ds – this was upsetting to some people.   Also, he kept telling us how his religion was like Judaism, which also upset some people.  It would be better for him not to make the comparisons of his religion to Judaism.  Other than that, he was fantastic.
The busses were comfortable – nicely air conditioned.
I appreciated all the stops for washroom breaks – we were always comfortable in that department.   Some of the toilets were disgusting, but that can’t be helped.  We mostly had somewhat reasonable toilets to use – only a few times they were substandard – but that wasn’t “India Kosher Travel’s” fault.

All the hotels were lovely.  The non heated pools in the north of India were freezing!!  All hotels had a private kettle in each room – I think this should be advertised, as I brought my own kettle because I didn’t know this.  This added weight to my luggage, which was a little problematic.

 Enough water bottles were provided throughout the trip.  We actually got as many as we needed each day.  This was never an issue.  We generally got 2 on the bus, and then 2 more in the hotel room, per person.

 Checking into the hotel rooms went smoothly.  The organization of luggage each morning from our hotel room to the bus, and then checking it before it went on the bus worked perfectly.  There were no glitches – the mornings ran smoothly.
The trip was organized superbly – I think we got good value for the money we spent on the trip - Kol HaKavode!

Harriette Brown