Tour Itinerary
 Delhi - Manhali - Kasol - Daramsala - Amritsar - Agra
10 days. 4 people July 2019

Gotman and Peer familys - israel

R. Moishe
Peace and blessings

We would like to express our appreciation to you
On the planning and execution of the trip we made  7/7/19-18/7/19.
The initial sharing and following the detailed explanations of options and summary of route selection have provided us with perfect pleasure from this trip.
Needless to say, your interest in us all along the route.  also the service given to us during the trip by both your office representatives and your service providers such as the instructor drivers who have used us with great professionalism (including the historical reviews, characterization of residents and religions in each area and site) and understandable language.
  thank you for the accommodations.  the level of the hotels are very special, 
We can continue to write about the experience we experienced but ...  the sheet is short.
Therefore, we will end with big hope that we will see you in the future on a trip to the south.
Thanks and all the best

Moshe and Tzipi Gutman 
Shuki and Tzipi Peer.