Tour Itinerary

  Delhi – Agra – Jaipur – Pushkar – Jodhpur – Udaipur –  Cochun – Mumbai

14 nights, 32 people  February 2020

February 2020, group

Dear Moshe
We really enjoyed the trip. It was an amazing experience.
Rona & Aron kept us going. We appreciated Rona's insights in to Jewish India and Aron's sincere spiritual guidance.
Lee was an excellent guide - very knowledgable and extremely funny.
The whole team was friendly and efficient and we found the food plentiful and the suppers tasty.
We thank you for offering us this opportunity for a kosher introduction to India.
Chodesh tov

Brenda and Johnny Coren 
We had a completely fabulous trip!  We would have loved more Indian food with real Indian spices, but completely understand that others tastes go more toward bland, therefore maybe remembering salt and pepper on tables would be helpful.

It would be great if there was a pre trip option to see some of the other religions temples in Delhi, it sounds like from friends that would have been interesting. Again I understand there are concerns by others about offering theses options.

Annette Batkin

The whole tour was great.  The itinerary was great. Lee was superb; I would always use him.  The food worked out fine.  The hotels were good.  The size of the group was good.  I would highly recommend this tour to all

Miriam Alexander