Tour Itinerary

Delhi – Udaipur – Jodhpur – Pushkar – Rantmbor Park – Jaipur – Agra – Delhi

12 Days. 7 people.  Dec 2012

Kramer family – London

Dear Moshe Goldshtein
India Kosher Travel

Thank you so much for the wonderful trip to India that you arranged so perfectly for us, and putting up with our numerous demands at the planning stage.

There is only one thing that you got wrong, in your final “advise letter” you told us we should expect something to go wrong, absolutely nothing went wrong and everything was exceptionally professionally organised we felt well looked after at every stage of the trip.

The little “heads up”s about for example tipping (who and how much), beggars and streetwalkers, was one of the thoughtful touches that made a big difference and showed the level of care and attention to details that you put into the preparation for our and no doubt all of your customers.

Your attention to detail and planning was evident at every step of the trip from the moment we arrived where your local representative guide and driver met us at the airport to the final day when your representatives came to fetch us in the hotel (with of course the ever reliable driver-for whom nothing was too much) at 3 AM in the morning and insisted that he had to stay with us until we were safely checked in and through security, as it was his responsibility to make sure we were safe.

Thank you so much and we look forward to using your services again.

On a final note before we sign off we would highly recommend to anyone to visit India and utilise your services when so doing.

Thank you and kind regards and Hatzlocho rabbo,

Aryeh Kramer