Tour Itinerary

Rishikesh – Delhi – Agra – Jaipur – Pushkar – Delhi

12 nights. 45 people. December 2011

Espaco group – Brazil

Shall we go to India?

When we started to think about our next trip by Espaço K, our chairman Mr. Sérgio Levinzon showed me an e-mail with some advertising about a kosher travel to India.
At the first moment we were a little scared I have to say, but why not, let’s cross the Atlantic and discover a new country, a new culture and of course see how Judaism is there.
We started our planning with Moshe from India Kosher Travel, and after we close the deal with him, we started to advertise to see how many young Jews from Brazil would like to take this shoot and go with us. Our first big surprise: We were sold out in a really short time!
Ok. Let’s go! We are already in the airplane but all the issues about India continue bothering me and the rest of the group. Is it going to be safe, is it going to be good, is it going to be Kosher?
I don’t have anything else to say except that YES, YES, YES AND MORE!
We just got in India and we were welcomed by our guide (really nice guy), with a kosher meal and a typical Hindu flower necklace.
All the hotels, all the tours, transportation, food service, all were perfect! Moshe from India Kosher Travel, have a great logistical system and he can really take care of your group, as he made with our, and I have to tell that we are not easy! 45 Brazilian young Jewish (let’s say that we are never satisfied and we always want more!) and our madrichim, Rav. Moishy Liberson and Rav. Dudu Levinzon, two really crazy Chabad Rabbis that guaranteed that we were late because we had to pray Mincha, put Tfilin or even just make a Lechaim!
And what else can I tell you? Everyone just loved that!
India is a very different country, with an amazing culture. The cities, the story’s, the people, the landscapes are unbelievable and I recommend to everyone to check it by their selves.
I am really thankful that we choose to make this trip, and to make it with India Kosher Travel.
Now we are planning our next trip with Moshe from India Kosher Travel. Let’s continue discovering the world and see how Judaism is all over this planet!
All my best,
Ariel Legmann – Espaço K