Tour Itinerary

Delhi – Delhi – Agra –  Jaipur – Delhi

6 nights 3 people Feb 2014

Chelst family – USA

Dear Moshe Goldstein,
I am writing this letter to tell you about our experiences using your tourist agency and its representatives in India.
My kudos to our Chauffeur, Vikram Singh Yadav.  The man is incredible.  His English is excellent.  He was an outstanding driver through a range of roads and busy traffic both in rural and urban locations.  He was always polite and very eager to please.  He also pointed out tourist sites along the road.  He arrived to almost all locations exactly on time.  He was concerned about our welfare and cautioned us to be wary of hawkers and take water on our walks.  He took us to the movie in Jaipur and helped explain the jokes. He went above and beyond the call of duty, making several trips to Chabad of Delhi to obtain our foodstuffs. He took us shopping in Delhi one night.  In addition he walked us home on Friday evening from the Chabad to our Claridges hotel location, a distance of over 4 km. because we do not drive on our Sabbath.  We would recommend him highly to any future tourists.
By and large, the tour guides were good to excellent.  We loved the person who took us to the Taj Mahal.  Not only was he an excellent guide but also a wonderful amateur photographer.

The agent that met us in Jaipur was pleasant and took pride in your services.
We loved the hotels and the car was big enough and quite modern.  It weathered many a bumpy road in day and in nighttime.
Thank you for a marvelous vacation.

Tamy and Ken Chelst

Sheila Guyer