Tour Itinerary

Udaipur – Jodhpur – Pushkar –  Jaipur – Agra – Delhi – Rishikesh – Mumbai

14 nights, 10 people Aug 2015

Bornstein family – Israel

We have spent 14 wonderful days in Rajastan, India, in a tour organized by Moshe Goldstein.
Moshe took great care of us, thinking of every detail, from the accomodations to the kosher food, from the guide to the itinerary…

Moshe has built up our tour the same way  a taylor creates a suit to his customer…he took in full considerations our needs, wishes and  special requests….he kept every promises he made us in a very human and professional way..
During the whole 14 days, we felt that somebody is watching us, taking care of us even though not phisically there….
The team he choosed to work with in India is extremely competent, kind and reliable…big part of the success of our tour relied on Moshe and we are definetly looking forward to a new experience in india with him…

Alain and Masha