Kosher Catering Service


India Kosher Travel objective is to supply kosher food to those observant traditional travelers who are interested in kosher food while touring India. The company was established to provide a permanent solution for the growing need of kosher observant travelers.  Until now there was no real solution for groups of kosher observant travelers. Whoever wanted to travel in   India had to bring his own food from Israel, to rely on local possibilities  and to travel independently and receive help from Chabad houses.

We will be happy to be of service and to lovingly prepare high quality glatt kosher meals, thus enabling to experience and discover the magnificent sites of India and to get the greatest pleasure from your trip.


Would you like to experience the authentic taste of India? Do you feel that the trip is not complete without a traditional Indian supper with Tzapati, Dall, Tzanti, and for dessert, cake and a cup of Tzai? We will gladly oblige. You would prefer a traditional Israeli breakfast? No problem An experienced, professional staff will make sure that you receive the freshest, most nourishing and delicious meals throughout your entire trip.


India Kosher Travel offers you a rich, varied menu, with a large range of prices. All the meals are prepared fresh on premises. We do not serve canned or prepared frozen meals. We lovingly prepare fresh food especially for you. In addition we offer you full Shabbos meals, including challot, wine for Kiddush, tcholent and a variety of traditional Shabbos specialties.

The sanitary conditions of our kitchen is of the highest standard, so that our travelers receive clean and healthy food.


The meals are glatt kosher under the hashgacha of  the Chabad House.  The products  have the Hechsher of the Beit Din Tzedek  and of Rabbi Landau of Bnei Brak.  India Kosher Travel  provides a mashgiach who accompanies the group throughout the entire trip
The products are imported from Israel and have the strictest hechsherim of the Beit Din Tzedek and of Rabbi Y.L. Landau, Chief Rabbi of Bnei Brak. The meats are glatt kosher, Lubavitch Chabad Shechita. Fruits and vegetables are bought locally, as are other dry products which do not require any hechsher (rice, grains, etc).



Our company provides a complete, encompassing solution, at the highest standard, for kashrut observers. We do not purchase any products with doubtful standards of kashrut, nor do we rely on any questionable local hechsherim. Our standards of kashrut are very strict, including Bishul Israel, Pat Israel, and Cholov Israel.The presence of a mashgiach on the premises is essential in order to find solutions to problems which may occur during the trip and which require broad knowledge of Halacha.