The City of Dreams!

Mumbai is a cosmopolitan hub. Most of its residents are individuals who left their native towns and cities and come here to create a career and life for themselves. Obviously, the city holds many promises. It is also the country’s commercial capital and the locus of the Hindi film industry. Most of all, Mumbai is a city of stark contrasts and contradictions, where the wealthiest denizens of the country live alongside the poorest.

Quick Facts

  1. What we now call Mumbai was once an archipelago of seven islands
  2.  Synagogue (Kenesset Eliyahu), established in 1884 by Mr. Jacob Sasson, in memory of his father.
  3. Shaar Hashamaim synagogue, established in 1879 and meet the leaders of this unique community – Rabbi Binyamin and Mr. Ezra Moses – for an extremely rare insight into Jewish life in India.

Popular Attractions

  • Gateway of India is one of the city’s oldest landmarks, built by the British to commemorate King George V and Queen Mary’s 1911 visit to India. Close by is Colaba Causeway, lined by restaurants and cafes and filled with hawkers of garments and junk jewelry
  • Crawford Market is general purpose shoopiing area housed in a colonial style building
  • Elephanta Caves, located on Elephanta island near Mumbai harbour, is another UNESCO World Heritage Site, containing elements of Hindu and Buddhist interest
  • Victoria Terminus or Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, an example of Gothic style colonial architecture, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the busiest railway stations in India

The “India Kosher Travel” Experience

  • The Dhobi Ghats in Mahalaxmi provide interesting photo opportunities. This is where the washermen or ‘dhobis’ manually wash clothes of hundreds of Mumbaikars and hang them out to dry – it’s a lot more colourful than you can imagine
  • Get a taste of vada pav, Mumbai’s own vegetarian version of the hamburger
  • visit the chabad house of Mumbai >Read More about