Welcome to Chabad House of Kudly Beach!
Kudly Beach is a small quiet  shore next to Gokarna town Is placing between two small mountains which  make it more mistory and calm place.
Everyday in  the sunset you can see all over the beach many pouple which are showing their talents in every range such as: drummers, Dij (Indian  musical instrument) players, juggling trick and more diffrend kinds
Gokarna village is a very misty place which shows you the old fashion india- there is only one road that takes you all over the town and only one store for each kind.
Also there are very nice walking roads with amazing views and the highest waterfalls india is only 1 hour drive from here.
You can also take a boat and sail to close  beaches and see many Dolphins on the way
The Chabad house is suggestting  you a warm house which provide the feeling of open door to every one! We also suggests   evening classes, prayers, Shabbat and holidays

Rabbi Roi Marili

Adress: next to the international hotel at kudley beach (left side)
Gokarna, Karnataka – India